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Our team's focus on Safety, communication, and quality continues to make Rouser a superior company to work at. Our top-notch Safety Program, Bonus Incentives, and family atmosphere allow us to attract and retain the best talent. We pride ourselves on being a leader in communication and innovation, and our highly motivated and skilled team is always up for a new challenge, ready to teach and learn from new team members.

Company Culture (Safety & Training)

We have the skills training you will need to succeed from the latest in Technology and Safety Training for both our field and management team. Our focus is on the Safety and success of our employees to ensure the success of our challenging and complex projects.

Compensation & Benefits

Our goal is to retain the best and the brightest by offering competitive pay and Medical Benefits to all employees. Bonus incentives for team members that are up for the challenge are just one more way we drive home our appreciation to our team members that deliver exceptional work.

Career Opportunities

Whether you are just starting in the construction industry or you are a seasoned veteran looking for a company where you can grow and advance your career, Rouser has something to offer everyone.

Our goal is to continue to attract leaders in all aspects of the construction industry, from apprentice laborers to seasoned Project Managers. Rouser has managed to keep the core family values that we started with, despite our ever-increasing growth, and if you want to challenge yourself and your skills while advancing in your career, there is no better place to work.

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